The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion. Part 5. Spirits Of The Corn And Of The Wild. Volume 2

James Frazer (1854 - 1941)

The eighth volume in The Golden Bough collection, and second volume of The Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild. The investigations into the superstitions and rituals to propitiate fertility in primitive agriculture are expanded further to cover the link between the belief in the dying and reviving gods to the transmutation of the souls of animals into crops. Frazer discusses his speculation of the evolution belief systems depending on the level of agricultural development between hunting, grazing, and farming, and the relics of totemism and taboo. Divine animals, Gods portrayed as and replenished from totem animals, rituals of hunting, gathering, harvesting, eating, and sacrifice, and special attention to man's relations with his favoured animals are addressed in depth. - Summary by Leon Harvey

Genre(s): Social Science (Culture & Anthropology), Other religions

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 IX. Ancient Deities Of Vegetation As Animals. Part 1. Leon Harvey
Play 02 IX. Ancient Deities Of Vegetation As Animals. Part 2. Leon Harvey
Play 03 X. Eating The God. Part 1. Leon Harvey
Play 04 X. Eating The God. Part 2. Leon Harvey
Play 05 X. Eating The God. Part 3. Leon Harvey
Play 06 XI. Sacrifice Of First Fruits. Leon Harvey
Play 07 XII. Homoeopathic Magic Of A Flesh Diet. Leon Harvey
Play 08 XIII. Killing The Devine Animal. Leon Harvey
Play 09 XIV. Propitation Of Wild Animals By Hunters. Part 1. Leon Harvey
Play 10 XIV. Propitation Of Wild Animals By Hunters. Part 2. Leon Harvey
Play 11 XV. The Propitation Of Vermin By Farmers. Leon Harvey
Play 12 XVI. The Transmigration Of Human Souls Into Animals. Leon Harvey
Play 13 XVII. Types Of Animal Sacrament. Leon Harvey
Play 14 NOTE. The Ceremony of the Horse at Rice-harvest among the Garos. Leon Harvey