The Gentle Grafter

O. Henry (1862 - 1910)

If Jefferson "Parleyvoo" Pickens had appeared in print just a few years later, he might have been the "Gentle Grifter" instead of the "Gentle Grafter", the name O. Henry picked for him. His situation as an ethical graft artist gives Jeff an extra impediment in pursuing his craft, but he never wanted it to be too easy. The result is fourteen delightful tales for us and a number of new partners for him. With those partners (he always has at least one) he works his way through a number of confidence games. Some they win, some they lose, some go into extra innings. They seem never to end just the way you figure they will. In the end he conquers almost all, except for the English language, which often seems to defeat him. (Intro by Leslie Walden)

Genre(s): General Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Satire

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - The Octopus Marooned Leslie Walden
Play 02 02 - Jeff Peters as a Personal Magnet Leslie Walden
Play 03 03 - Modern Rural Sports Leslie Walden
Play 04 04 - The Chair of Philanthromathematics Leslie Walden
Play 05 05 - The Hand That Riles the World Leslie Walden
Play 06 06 - The Exact Science of Matrimony Leslie Walden
Play 07 07 - A Midsummer Masquerade Leslie Walden
Play 08 08 - Shearing the Wolf Leslie Walden
Play 09 09 - Innocents of Broadway Leslie Walden
Play 10 10 - Conscience in Art Leslie Walden
Play 11 11 - The Man Higher Up Leslie Walden
Play 12 12 - A Tempered Wind Leslie Walden
Play 13 13 - Hostages to Momus Leslie Walden
Play 14 14 - The Ethics of Pig Leslie Walden