The Four Stragglers

Frank L. PACKARD (1877 - 1942)

This thrilling novel teems with intrigue and unforgettable characters. It opens during WWI with a few allied soldiers lost at night behind German lines. One of them shoots at another in the darkness. Members of a criminal gang before the war, the men resume their unlawful activities when peacetime returns. The gang’s leader receives a letter that results in his leaving London for a small island off the Florida Keys. He is “as clever a scoundrel and as miserable, inhuman and unscrupulous a one as ever blasphemed the image in which God made him… He is without conscience, ruthless, a fiend who would do honour to hell itself."
Frank L. Packard authored many popular novels, several of which were made into movies, including a series in which he originated the idea of a heroic crime fighter with a secret double identity. --Lee Smalley

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Crime & Mystery Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Prologue: The Four of Them Lee Smalley
Play 01 Book I SHADOW VARNE Chapter I Three Years Later Lee Smalley
Play 02 Book I Chapter 2 An Iron in The Fire Lee Smalley
Play 03 Book I Chapter 3 Three of Them Lee Smalley
Play 04 Book I Chapter 4 Gold Plate Lee Smalley
Play 05 Book I Chapter 5 "Dear Guardy" Lee Smalley
Play 06 Book I Chapter 6 The Writing on the Wall Lee Smalley
Play 07 Book II The ISLE OF PREY Chapter 1 The Spell of the Moonbeams Lee Smalley
Play 08 Book II Chapter 2 The Voice in the Night Lee Smalley
Play 09 Book II Chapter 3 The Mad Millionaire Lee Smalley
Play 10 Book II Chapter 4 The Unknown Lee Smalley
Play 11 Book II Chapter 5 The Gutter-Snipe Lee Smalley
Play 12 Book II Chapter 6 The Man in the Mask Lee Smalley
Play 13 Book II Chapter 7 The Fight Lee Smalley
Play 14 Book II Chapter 8 The Message Lee Smalley
Play 15 Book III THE PENALTY Chapter 1 The White Shirt Sleeve Lee Smalley
Play 16 Book III Chapter 2 The Bronze Key Lee Smalley
Play 17 Book III Chapter 3 The Warp and the Woof Lee Smalley
Play 18 Book III Chapter 4 The Time-Lock of the Sea Lee Smalley