Chronicles of Canada Volume 03 - Founder of New France: A Chronicle of Champlain

Charles W. Colby (1867 - 1955)

For Canada, Champlain is not alone a heroic explorer of the seventeenth century, but the founder of Quebec; and it is a rich part of our heritage that he founded New France in the spirit of unselfishness, of loyalty, and of faith.

Genre(s): Early Modern

Language: English

Group: Chronicles of Canada Series

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Champlain's Early Years Kevin McAsh
Play 02 Champlain in Acadia Kevin McAsh
Play 03 Champlain at Quebec Kevin McAsh
Play 04 Champlain in the Wilderness Kevin McAsh
Play 05 Champlain's Last Years Kevin McAsh
Play 06 Champlain's Writings and Character Kevin McAsh