The Flaw in the Crystal

May SINCLAIR (1863 - 1946)

One of May Sinclair’s “uncanny” stories, this novella explores many of Sinclair’s most treasured themes: the bounds of marriage, the conflict between flesh and spirit, the complexity of human emotions in relation to other humans, the practical everyday implications of philosophical Idealism. In the story, when Agatha Verrall enters into an extra-marital affair with Rodney Lanyon, she struggles to keep the relationship on a spiritual plane without falling into the physical passion that she fears. To her astonishment, she discovers that she has an extraordinary paranormal ability to manipulate the psyches and even the physical states of the people around her. At first, she uses it in a way that seems harmless to her, coaxing the oblivious Rodney to visit her whenever she wants him. Before long, she learns that her powers have tremendous potential for good, for healing psychological disorders untouched by ordinary medicine. But the exercise of her Power leads to terrifying dangers for herself and her beneficiaries, proving that it might be beyond her ability to harness without vast harm. ( summary by Expatriate)

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction, Literary Fiction

Language: English

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