The Five Jars

M. R. James (1862 - 1936)

The Five Jars is the only novel written by James, who is best known for his ghost stories. It is a peculiarly surreal fantasy apparently written for children. While he is out walking, the narrator is drawn to a remote pool, and finds a small box that has been hidden since Roman times. He gradually learns how to use its contents, fighting off a series of attempts to steal it, and becomes aware of a strange world hidden from our own. (Summary by Peter Yearsley)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Fantastic Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 - I: The Discovery Peter Yearsley
Play 02 2 - II: The First Jar Peter Yearsley
Play 03 3 - III: The Second Jar Peter Yearsley
Play 04 4 - IV: The Small People Peter Yearsley
Play 05 5 - V: Danger to the Jars Peter Yearsley
Play 06 6 - VI: The Cat, Wag, Slim and Others Peter Yearsley
Play 07 7 - VII: The Bat-Ball Peter Yearsley
Play 08 8 - VII: Wag At Home Peter Yearsley