The Fairy of the Snows

Francis J. Finn, S.J. (1859 - 1928)

Have you seen a human fairy? Meet Alice Morrow, the dainty fairy of the snows, who will dance her way right into your heart! Get ready to laugh and cry as you follow the antics and trials of the Morrow family, living in early 20th Century Cincinnati. (Introduction by A.E.)

Genre(s): Family, Religion

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Introducing, Among Others, Alice Morrow, The Fairy of the Snows Maria Therese
Play 02 02 - Introducing the Morrow Family Maria Therese
Play 03 03 - Introducing Michael, the Office Boy, and Showing Alice Morrow in Her First Known Dance Maria Therese
Play 04 04 - Narrating Alice's Visit to a Restaurant Maria Therese
Play 05 05 - Miss Teresa Dalton Takes Alice to the Opera "Hansel and Gretel" Maria Therese
Play 06 06 - Alice and Elsie Morrow Surprise Father Carney, and Father Carney Surprises Miss Dalton Maria Therese
Play 07 07 - The Wonderful Adventure of Michael, the Office Boy, and Jerry, the Janitor Maria Therese
Play 08 08 - Introducing Father Morrow and a Novel Christmas Letter Maria Therese
Play 09 09 - Introducing Mr. Morrow at His Worst and Dr. Kelly at His Best Maria Therese
Play 10 10 - Introducing the Communion Class of Six Hundred, and Entertaining Angels Unawares Maria Therese
Play 11 11 - A Little Flower of the Blessed Sacrament Maria Therese
Play 12 12 - Introducing David Reilly, and Showing How He Led a Double Life Maria Therese
Play 13 13 - Introducing the Librarians of the Eigth Grade and Showing That Girls Are Not What They Seem Maria Therese
Play 14 14 - The Fairy of the Footlights Dazzles David Reilly, and, in Conjunction with Alice Morrow, Practises "Up-To-Date" Asceticism Maria Therese
Play 15 15 - Jenny Jenkins Once More - The Two Fairies Nurse a Secret Maria Therese
Play 16 16 - Showing How and With What Results the Fairies Undertook to Train David Reilly Maria Therese
Play 17 17 - In Which Father Carney Loses His Temper Maria Therese
Play 18 18 - The Growing Troubles of the Morrow Family Maria Therese
Play 19 19 - In Which Father Carney Sees a New Light, and Entrusts Alice with a Great Secret Maria Therese
Play 20 20 - Introducing Mr. Lawson with Very Promising Results for the Morrows Maria Therese
Play 21 21 - In Which Everybody is Happy, and the Good Ship "Hardly-Ever", Captain Romance, Comes Sailing In Maria Therese