The Fair Rewards

Thomas Beer (1889 - 1940)

"The Fair Rewards" by Thomas Beer . . . is a really distiguished novel. The writing is far above the average: it has style and sophistication and personality, intermingled with a truly vivid show of imagination. It even borders on brilliancy, but it is a hard, cold, cynical sort of brilliancy that chills. It almost hurts . . . The title itself is indicative of cynicism. It is derived from Shakespeare's quotation, "These be the fair rewards of those that love," and it is an ironical reference, for Mark Walling, the blind, simple, loving idolater, in return for his great and unselfish devotion to Margot, reaps selfishness and ingratitude and lack of consideration. Hand in hand with the progress of Mark from country yokel to a stage producer goes the history of the American theatre. Intermingled with the imaginary characters are Clyde Fitch, Anna Held, Mr. Frohman and several other flesh-and-blood personages that strengthen the realism. (New York Times review, June 4, 1922)

Genre(s): General Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Manufacture of a Personage Greg W.
Play 02 He Progresses Greg W.
Play 03 Full Bloom Greg W.
Play 04 Penalties Greg W.
Play 05 Margot Greg W.
Play 06 Gurdy Greg W.
Play 07 Todgers Intrudes Greg W.
Play 08 Cosmo Rand Greg W.
Play 09 Bubble Greg W.
Play 10 The Idolater Greg W.
Play 11 The Walling Greg W.