The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster (1580 - 1634)

John Webster's bloody Jacobean tragedy exposes the decadence of the Italian court. The virtuous Duchess of Malfi, a young widow, secretly marries her steward Antonio, and is subsequently persecuted by her brothers: the sexually obsessed and eventually mad Ferdinand, and the corrupt Cardinal. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett).


Narrator/Stage Directions & Castruccio -- BellonaTimes
Delio -- Andy Minter

Antonio -- Martin Geeson

Bosola -- David Nicol

Cardinal, 2nd Servant, 2nd Officer, Executioner -- jonesy

Ferdinand -- mb

Silvio -- Lars Rolander

Roderigo -- David Muncaster

Grisolan -- Miriam Esther Goldman

Cariola -- Arielle Lipshaw

Duchess, Cardinal's Servant, 3rd Officer -- Elizabeth Klett

Old Lady -- storm

1st Servant, 1st Officer, Servant -- Daniel Hutton

Julia -- Bereni

4th Officer, 4th Madman, Malatesti -- Mark F. Smith

Pescara -- Kim Stich

1st Pilgrim, 1st Madman -- Lucy Perry

2nd Pilgrim, 2nd Madman-- Barry Eads

2nd Madman, Doctor -- hefyd

Genre(s): Plays, Drama, Tragedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Introduction Bellona Times
Play 02 Act 1 Group 00:31:07
Play 03 Act 2 Group 00:29:33
Play 04 Act 3 Group 00:40:06
Play 05 Act 4 Group 00:32:31
Play 06 Act 5 Group 00:41:08