The Dry Dock of a Thousand Wrecks

Philip Ilott Roberts (1872 - 1938)

After an introduction to the Ole Jerry McAuley Mission in the year 1912, many wonderful stories of destitute alcoholics and addicts making a quick recovery through a surrender to Christ Jesus.

The book gives glimpses that the years of the highly esteemed Samuel H. Hadley have allowed for the “Evangelical Podium” to firmly take root in the Mission and is corroding the original purpose (the original purpose of this mission was to provide a place for chronic alcoholics and addicts who had spiritual experiences during incarceration to continue it outside of prison and not end up back at their old haunts after being repeatedly rejected by churches and society).

The book tells of the on-goings in the new Ole Jerry McAuley Mission at 316 Water Street, NYC, during the early 1900's. Many things seem to have changed since the 1870's when Jerry McAuley ran the mission. First, anyone was welcome. Second, the years of sobriety touted in this book were two to five, as opposed to the decades and quarter centuries in its earlier times. Thirdly, advertising their mission, or testifying for the mission was the goal as opposed to living a spiritually guided life. This book tells of many great successes but it wasn't achieving the same high success rate. (Summary by Curt Walton)

Genre(s): Psychology

Language: English

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