The Drama: A Quarterly Review


This is a collection of theatrical essays from the American quarterly The Drama, including six non-fiction works -- 3 profiles: Schnitzler, Andreyev, and O'Neill, and 3 articles: Characterization vs Situation, The Actor in England, & The Evolution of The Actor. (Summary by BellonaTimes)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Arthur Schnitzler Bayard Quincy Morgan Etext Bellona Times
00:19:35 en
Play 02 Excerpt from Act 1 Scene 1 of Intermezzo Arthur Schnitzler Etext Bellona Times
00:05:49 en
Play 03 Leonid Andreyev Thomas Seltzer Etext Bellona Times
01:00:25 en
Play 04 Act 1 Scene 2 of Macbeth William Shakespeare Etext Bellona Times
00:05:03 en
Play 05 Characterization Vs. Situation Annie Nathan Meyer Etext Bellona Times
00:24:30 en
Play 06 Act 1 Scene 1 from Lysistrata Aristophanes Etext Bellona Times
00:05:43 en
Play 07 The Evolution of the Actor Arthur Pollock Etext Bellona Times
00:22:24 en
Play 08 The Actor in England Arthur Pollock Etext Bellona Times
00:19:45 en
Play 09 Excerpt from Act 1 Scene 2 of The Straw Eugene O'Neill Etext Bellona Times
00:08:11 en
Play 10 Eugene O'Neill: Master of Naturalism Oliver M Sayler Etext Bellona Times
00:11:04 en