The Domestic Slave Trade Of The Southern States

Winfield Hazlitt Collins (1868 - 1927)

This 1904 history of slavery in the southeastern United States reflects the state of knowledge at that time, of course. The text contains so many extensive quotations (well footnoted along with an extensive bibliography) that it was unfeasible to indicate them as quotes in reading the text. The author was a professor of history and English at Claremont College, a North Carolina school that closed in 1917. A resource of more current thinking may be had at the well-regarded 1988 Dictionary Of Afro-American Slavery. - Summary by David Wales

Genre(s): Social Science (Culture & Anthropology), Early Modern, Modern (19th C)

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 A Sketch Of The Rise Of The Trade In African Slaves And Of The Foreign Slave Trade Of The Southern States David Wales
Play 02 The Causes Of The Rise And Development Of The Domestic Slave Trade David Wales
Play 03 The Amount And Extent Of The Trade David Wales
Play 04 Were Some States Engaged In Breeding And Raising Negroes For Sale? David Wales
Play 05 The Kidnapping And Selling Of Free Negroes Into Slavery David Wales
Play 06 Slave 'Prisons,' Markets, Character Of Traders, etc. David Wales
Play 07 Laws Of The Southern States With Reference To Importation And Exportation Of Slaves David Wales