The Dial: The First Number of the Series

Charles Haslewood Shannon (1863 - 1937), Charles de Sousy Ricketts (1866 - 1931) et al.

The Dial was an art magazine, which ran to five issues between 1889 and 1897. It was edited and published by Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon from The Vale, their shared home in Chelsea, London. Contributors to this first number include the editors, R. Savage, and the poet John Gray (who is best known as the rumored inspiration for Oscar Wilde's fictional character, Dorian Gray). - Summary by Rob Marland

Genre(s): Poetry, Literary Collections

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Puvis De Chavannes by Charles Ricketts Rob Marland
Play 02 A Simple Story by Charles H Shannon Sonia
Play 03 Les Goncourt by John Gray Rob Marland
Play 04 The Great Worm by John Gray Nemo
Play 05 A Glimpse of Heaven by C. Ricketts KevinS
Play 06 Notes by R. Savage Rob Marland
Play 07 The Cup of Happiness by C. Ricketts Rob Marland
Play 08 Sensations and Apology by Unsigned and the editors Rob Marland