The Devil is an Ass

Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637)

An inferior devil, Pug, asks Satan to send him to Earth to tempt men to Evil. But when Pug arrives in 1616 London and sets himself at the Squire Fabian Fitzdottrel, he finds Fabian currently beset by con men, cheats, connivers, thieves, villains, and seductresses - a delightful mix of cunning criminality in a world that already has far more vice in it than anything Pug is prepared to offer. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Satan, the great Devil: alanmapstone
Pug, the less Devil: Sonia
Iniquity, the Vice: Nemo
Fabian Fitzdottrel, a Squire of Norfolk: Tomas Peter
Meercraft, the Projector: Hamlet
Everill, his Champion: Algy Pug
Wittipol, a young Gallant: ToddHW
Eustace Manly, his Friend: Chuck Williamson
Engine, a Broker: Rob Board
Trains, the Projector's Man: Jason in Panama
Thomas Gilthead, a Goldsmith: Caleb Tol
Plutarchus, his Son: Eva Davis
Sir Paul Eitherside, a Lawyer, and Justice: Beth Thomas
Ambler, Gentle-Usher to Lady Tailbush: Kurt
Sledge, a Smith, the Constable: Joseph Tabler
Shackles, Keeper of Newgate: Bruce Kachuk
Mrs. Frances Fitzdottrel: Sandra Schmit
Lady Eitherside: Leanne Yau
Lady Tailbush, the Lady Projectress: Linda Olsen Fitak
Pitfall, her Woman: Availle
Serjant: Roger Melin
Keeper 1: Victor Villarraza
Keeper 2: Adriana Sacciotto
Keeper 3: TJ Burns
Keeper 4: Owen Cook
Stage Directions: sawasawaya
and: Elizabeth Martinson
Edited By: ToddHW

Genre(s): Plays, Satire

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Group 00:47:32
Play 02 Act 2 Group 00:44:52
Play 03 Act 3 Group 00:34:20
Play 04 Act 4 Group 00:40:31
Play 05 Act 5 Group 00:35:31