The Chronicles of Count Antonio

Anthony Hope (1863 - 1933)

How it fell out that Count Antonio, a man of high lineage, forsook the service of his Prince, disdained the obligation of his rank, set law at naught, and did what seemed indeed in his own eyes to be good but was held by many to be nothing other than the work of a rebel and a brigand. Yet, although it is by these names that men often speak of him, they love his memory; and I also, Ambrose the Franciscan, having gathered diligently all that I could come by in the archives of the city or from the lips of aged folk, have learned to love it in some sort. A tale that lovers must read in pride and sorrow, and, if this be not too high a hope, that princes may study for profit and for warning. (Summary by Anthony Hope)

This project was proof listened by Eden Rea-Hedrick and Theresa L. Downey

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 How Count Antonio Took to the Hills Brett W. Downey
Play 02 Count Antonio and the Traitor Prince Brett W. Downey
Play 03 Count Antonio and the Prince of Mantivoglia Brett W. Downey
Play 04 Count Antonio and the Wizard's Drug Brett W. Downey
Play 05 Count Antonio and the Sacred Bones Brett W. Downey
Play 06 Count Antonio and the Hermit of the Vault Brett W. Downey
Play 07 Count Antonio and the Lady of Rilano Brett W. Downey
Play 08 The Manner of Count Antonio's Return Brett W. Downey