The Chimney Corner

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896)

Stowe wrote over 30 books. This one is a fascinating collection of her post Civil War musings on a variety of cultural topics, staged mostly as conversations between Christopher Crowfield (Stowe's masculine nome de plume), and his wife, their son Ben, daughter Jenny, their friends, and various neighbors who drop in to chat around the fireside. Lively topics include women's suffrage & their education, entertainment, fashion, the economy during reconstruction, youth entertainment, and how society and its institutions should prepare young women for useful, meaningful lives besides getting married or simply depending on other family members to support them while they do little or nothing, or worse, fall into a street life. She reflects on the economic after-effects of the Civil War, and the struggle to create a more civilized nation. ( ~ Michele Fry)

Genre(s): Historical Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Ch.1 What will you do with her? or The Woman Question Michele Fry
Play 02 Ch.2.1 Woman's Sphere Michele Fry
Play 03 Ch. 2.2 Woman's Sphere Michele Fry
Play 04 Ch. 3.1 A Family-Talk on Reconstruction Michele Fry
Play 05 Ch 3.2 A family-Talk on Reconstruction Michele Fry
Play 06 Ch.4 Is Woman a Worker? susanjhudson
Play 07 Ch.5 The Transition Michele Fry
Play 08 Ch. 6 Boily Religion: A Sermon on Good Health weezer
Play 09 Ch. 7 How Shall we Entertain our Company? Michele Fry
Play 10 Ch.8 How Shall we be Amused? William Allan Jones
Play 11 Ch.9 Dress, or who makes the Fashions Kathleen Moore
Play 12 Ch.10 What are the sources of Beauty in Dress Kathleen Moore
Play 13 Ch.11 The Cathedral William Allan Jones
Play 14 Ch.12 The New Year William Allan Jones
Play 15 Ch.13 The Noble Army of Martyrs KevinS