The Cave Twins

Lucy Fitch PERKINS (1865 - 1937)

Lucy Perkins has given us many books featuring twins that give a child insight into different cultures and countries. In this one she explaining prehistoric man and his environment: "This is a story about things that happened ages and ages ago, before any of us were born, or our great-great-grandfathers either, for that matter. It was so very long ago that there were no houses, or farms, or roads from one place to another, and there was not a single city, or a town, or even a village in the whole earth. There was just the great, round world, all fresh and new, and covered with growing things; and there were wild beasts of all kinds in the forests, and fishes of all kinds in the seas, and all sorts of birds and flying creatures in the air. Besides all these wonderful things in the new, new world, there was Man." Her stories are always well written, entertaining and informative. Let's follow those impulsive 8 year old twins with "bright twinkling eyes and flaming red hair" as they encounter dangers and adventures in very early history. - Summary by Phil Chenevert

Genre(s): Animals & Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Introduction: Prehistoric Man Bhavya
Play 01 Granny and the Twins Bhavya
Play 02 The Bison Feast Bhavya
Play 03 The Runaways Bhavya
Play 04 The Journey Bhavya
Play 05 The Tree Clan Bhavya
Play 06 The Earthquake Bhavya
Play 07 The Island Bhavya
Play 08 The Raft Bhavya
Play 09 The Surprise Bhavya
Play 10 The Voyage Bhavya