The Castaways of the Flag

Jules VERNE (1828 - 1905)

Readers of the present book who have not read that named above—though all should read it as well as this—will have no difficulty in joining the story of the castaways to “The Swiss Family Robinson” with the help of the brief sketch of its contents which follows.

The story begins with the arrival of the Unicorn, a British corvette commanded by Lieutenant Littlestone, whose commission includes the exploration of the waters in which New Switzerland is situate. He has with him as passengers Mr. and Mrs. Wolston and their daughters Hannah and Dolly.

When the Unicorn weighs anchor again Mr. Wolston and his wife and their elder daughter, Hannah, remain on the island. But the corvette takes away Fritz and Frank Zermatt and Jenny Montrose, who are all bound for England, where Jenny hopes to find her father, Colonel Montrose, and the two young men have much business to transact, and Dolly Wolston, who is to join her brother James—a married man with one child—at Cape Town. Mr. Wolston hopes that James, with his wife and child, will agree to accompany Dolly and the Zermatts—by the time they return Jenny will have become Mrs. Fritz Zermatt—to the island and take up their abode there. (Adapted from the Preface)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Castaways Julian Pratley
Play 02 In England Nancy Gorgen
Play 03 The Mutiny on the Flag Nancy Gorgen
Play 04 Land Ahoy! Adrian Stephens
Play 05 A Barren Shore Adrian Stephens
Play 06 Time of Trial Adrian Stephens
Play 07 The Coming of the Albatross Adrian Stephens
Play 08 Little Bob Lost Adrian Stephens
Play 09 Bob Found K. Scot Maier
Play 10 The Flag on the Peak! K. Scot Maier
Play 11 By Well-Known Ways Intemporaliter
Play 12 Enemies in the Promised Land Nancy Gorgen
Play 13 Shark's Island Nancy Gorgen
Play 14 A Perilous Plight Nancy Gorgen
Play 15 Fighting for Life Nancy Gorgen
Play 16 Conclusion Nancy Gorgen