The Case of Miss Elliott

Baroness Emma ORCZY (1865 - 1947)

A sequel to the stories published in The Old Man in the Corner, this second book in the series includes twelve new mysterious cases that The Old Man in the Corner unravels over his milk and cheesecake at the ABC Tea Shop, all the while tying and untying knots in a bit of string. His audience is Polly Burton, a young journalist, who has to begrudging admit that the Old Man's solutions are indeed plausible explanations to these cases which have baffled both the police and coroner. Orzy's Old Man is an early 20th century example of the armchair detective. Summary by J. M. Smallheer

Genre(s): Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Case of Miss Elliott J. M. Smallheer
Play 02 The Hocussing of Cigarette J. M. Smallheer
Play 03 The Tragedy in Dartmoor Terrace J. M. Smallheer
Play 04 Who Stole the Black Diamonds J. M. Smallheer
Play 05 The Murder of Miss Pebmarsh J. M. Smallheer
Play 06 The Lisson Grove Mystery J. M. Smallheer
Play 07 The Tremarn Case J. M. Smallheer
Play 08 The Fate of the 'Artemis' J. M. Smallheer
Play 09 The Disappearance of Count Collini J. M. Smallheer
Play 10 The Ayrsham Mystery J. M. Smallheer
Play 11 The Affair at the Novelty Theatre J. M. Smallheer
Play 12 The Tragedy of Barnsdale Manor J. M. Smallheer