The Capture of Fort William and Mary

Charles Lathrop Parsons (1867 - 1954)

The Capture of Fort William and Mary took place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on December 14, 1774, when local Patriots led by John Langdon stormed Fort William and Mary guarding the mouth of the busy seaport. They overcame a six-man caretaker detachment and seized the garrison's powder, which was distributed through several towns in the colony for potential use in the looming struggle against Great Britain. On December 15, 1774, patriots led by John Sullivan again raided the fort, this time seizing numerous cannons, later used in the pivotal Battle of Bunker Hill. The incident is significant as one of the first overt acts of the American Revolutionary War and the only battle to take place in the state of New Hampshire. - Summary by Wikipeda

Genre(s): War & Military, Early Modern

Language: English

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