The Book of Camping and Woodcraft: A Guidebook for Those Who Travel in the Wilderness

Horace Kephart (1862 - 1931)

In the Introduction to Camping and Woodcraft, Horace Kephart wrote: “My one aim in writing this little book is to make it of practical service to those who seek rest or sport in the wilderness, or whose business calls them thither.” The author further described the content of this book: “In the following chapters I offer some suggestions on outfitting, making camps, dressing and keeping game and fish, camp cookery, forest travel, how to avoid getting lost, and what to do if one does get lost, living off the country, what the different species of trees are good for (from a camper's viewpoint), backwoods handicrafts in wood, bark, skins and other raw materials, the treatment of wounds and other injuries, and some other branches of woodcraft that may be of service when one is far from shops and from hired help.” Camping and Woodcraft was his first book and is actually a collection of articles that had been published in Field and Stream magazine.

Horace Kephart, born in 1862, was raised in Pennsylvania and Iowa then trained as a librarian at Cornell University. He worked in St Louis near the Ozark mountains for a portion of his life (1890 – 1904) then moved to western North Carolina where he lived near Hazel Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains then near Bryson City. Kephart was a campaigner for the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which was created in 1926. He was the author of a number of books and articles on the outdoors. (Summary by Gail Timmerman-Vaughan, based on Wikipedia - Horace Kephart)

Genre(s): Nature, Travel & Geography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 FOREWORD and CHAPTER I: Outfitting James K. White
Play 02 CHAPTER II: The Sportman's Clothing James K. White
Play 03 CHAPTER III: Personal Kits Nathan Heck
Play 04 CHAPTER IV: Tents and Tools Richard Shipp
Play 05 CHAPTER V: Utensils and Food Michele Fry
Play 06 CHAPTER VI: A Check-List--Packing Up Availle
Play 07 CHAPTER VII: The Camp Nathan Heck
Play 08 CHAPTER VIII: The Camp Fire John Lieder
Play 09 CHAPTER IX: Marksmanship in the Woods E Snow
Play 10 CHAPTER X: Dressing and Keeping Game and Fish Michele Fry
Play 11 Part 1 of CHAPTER XI: Camp Cookery April Walters
Play 12 Part 2 of CHAPTER XI: Camp Cookery April Walters
Play 13 Part 3 of CHAPTER XI: Camp Cookery April Walters
Play 14 Part 4 of CHAPTER XI: Camp Cookery Larry Wilson
Play 15 CHAPTER XII: Pests of the Woods Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Play 16 CHAPTER XIII: Forest Travel. Keeping a Course TimoleonWash
Play 17 CHAPTER XIV: Blazes--Survey Marks--Natural Signs of Direction Joseph Tabler
Play 18 CHAPTER XV: Getting Lost--Bivouacs Larry Wilson
Play 19 CHAPTER XVI: Emergency Foods--Living off the Country Michele Fry
Play 20 Part 1 of CHAPTER XVII: Edible Plants of the Wilderness Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Play 21 Part 2 of CHAPTER XVII: Edible Plants of the Wilderness Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Play 22 CHAPTER XVIII: Axemanship--Qualities of Wood and Bark Gail Timmerman Vaughan
Play 23 CHAPTER XIX: Trophies, Buckskin and Rawhide E Snow
Play 24 CHAPTER XX: Tanning Pelts--Other Animal Products TimoleonWash
Play 25 Part 1 of CHAPTER XXI: Accidents--Their Backwoods Treatment MaryAnn
Play 26 Part 2 of CHAPTER XXI: Accidents--Their Backwoods Treatment MaryAnn