The Blind Brother (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Homer Greene (1853 - 1940)

A story of repentance and forgiveness set in the times of the the coal mines. Follow a blind boy and his brother determined to get him cured but also determined to live up to a moral code even if that mean years of blindness for Benny. See self sacrifice and family togetherness in this classic tale. - Summary by Luke Castle

Cast List
Narrator: Sky Asimaru
Doctor: lorda
Jack: Andrew James
Bennie, Judge: larryhayes7
Lawyer Pleadwell: Adam Bielka
Tom: Navin
Sandy: RockyOctopus
District Attorney, Lawyer Summons: Alan Mapstone
Random Testifying Guy, Sheriff: Michael L
Micheal Carolann, Irishman: Wayne Cooke
Court Clerk, Little Fellow: ambsweet13
Mother: Lily
Lewis G. Travers: peterbrashvoice
Patsy: Rebecca Brown
Neighbor: Twinkle
Foreman: David Olson
Edited by: David Olson

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Historical Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dramatis Personae Group 00:01:39
Play 01 Chapter 1 Group 00:20:41
Play 02 Chapter 2 Group 00:21:43
Play 03 Chapter 3 Group 00:21:13
Play 04 Chapter 4 Group 00:21:08
Play 05 Chapter 5 Group 00:20:52
Play 06 Chapter 6 Group 00:19:58
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