The Birds

Aristophanes (446 - 389 BCE)
Translated by Benjamin Hall Kennedy (1804 - 1889)

"The Birds' differs markedly from all the other Comedies of Aristophanes which have come down to us in subject and general conception. It is just an extravaganza pure and simpleā€”a graceful, whimsical theme chosen expressly for the sake of the opportunities it afforded of bright, amusing dialogue, pleasing lyrical interludes, and charming displays of brilliant stage effects and pretty dresses." As you listen, imagine that the actors wear masks and outfits so that they look like the birds they are named for.

Cast list:
Euelpides: Chris Pyle
Peithetaerus: Ariphron
Hoopoe: Alan Mapstone
Herald: HelloCentral
A Priest: Inkell
A Poet: redrun
A Soothsayer: Rita Boutros
Meton, a Geometrician: Availle
An Inspector: Elsie Selwyn
A Plebiscite-Vendor: Beeswaxcandle
Iris: Availle
A Would-Be Parracide: Andrea Atwood
Kinesias: Alan Mapstone
An Informer: Cavaet
Prometheus: Greg Giordano
Poseidon: Ethan Hurst
Triballion: Inkell
Herakles: Rita Boutros
First Messenger: De Anna Lee
Second Messenger: David Purdy
Third Messenger: Sonia
Runner-Bird: David Purdy
Chorus of Birds: ToddHW
Stage Directions: KHand
Editing: ToddHW
- Summary by Translator

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Prolog Group 00:19:00
Play 02 Episode 1 Group 00:28:23
Play 03 Episode 2 Group 00:27:24
Play 04 Episode 3 Group 00:25:22
Play 05 Episode 4, 5, and Exodus Group 00:18:24