The Biography of a Grizzly

Ernest Thompson Seton (1860 - 1946)

I first read this little book when I was in the fifth grade, and now more than fifty years later, I still find it fascinating. Ernest Thompson Seton was a man with a concern for nature her creatures and an excellent story teller. I could almost feel Wahb, the great grizzly’s pain and frustration as he tried to avoid contact with humans and just be left alone to carry out his bear business. Listening to this audio book will be an hour and a half well spent. Summary by Mike Vendetti, Narrator.

Genre(s): Animals & Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 00 - Dedication, Preface John W. Michaels
Play 01 01 - The Cubhood of Wahb John W. Michaels
Play 02 02 - The Days of His Strength John W. Michaels
Play 03 03 - The Waning John W. Michaels