The Song Celestial; Or, Bhagavad-Gîtâ

UNKNOWN ( - ), translated by Sir Edwin ARNOLD (1832 - 1904)

This work is a unique rendering of the Bagavad Gita by a well known poet. It is faithful to the text and yet does not read like a translation.The Sanskrit original is written in the Anushtubh metre. It has been cast into flexible blank verse by Sir Arnold, changing into lyrical measures where the text itself similarly breaks. In his autobiography, Gandhi has called this work the book par excellence for the Knowledge of Truth and that it afforded him invaluable help in his moments of gloom. (Summary by Jothi)

Genre(s): Epics

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Jothi Tharavant
Play 01 Chapter 1 - The Book of the Distress of Arjuna Jothi Tharavant
Play 02 Chapter 2 - The Book of Doctrines Jothi Tharavant
Play 03 Chapter 3 - The Book of Virtue in Work Jothi Tharavant
Play 04 Chapter 4 - The Book of the Religion of Knowledge Jothi Tharavant
Play 05 Chapter 5 - The Book of Religion by Renouncing Fruit of Works Jothi Tharavant
Play 06 Chapter 6 - The Book of Religion by Self-Restraint Jothi Tharavant
Play 07 Chapter 7 - The Book of Religion by Discernment Jothi Tharavant
Play 08 Chapter 8 - The book of Religion by Devotion to the One Supreme God Jothi Tharavant
Play 09 Chapter 9 - The Book of Religion by the Kingly Knowledge and the Kingly Mystery Jothi Tharavant
Play 10 Chapter 10 - The Book of Religion by the Heavenly Perfections Jothi Tharavant
Play 11 Chapter 11 - The Book of the Manifesting of the One and Manifold Jothi Tharavant
Play 12 Chapter 12 - The Book of the Religion of Faith Jothi Tharavant
Play 13 Chapter13 - The Book of Religion by Separation of Matter and Spirit Jothi Tharavant
Play 14 Chapter 14 - The Book of Religion by Separation from the Qualities Jothi Tharavant
Play 15 Chapter 15 - The Book of Religion by attaining the Supreme Jothi Tharavant
Play 16 Chapter 16 - The Book of the Separateness of the Divine and Undivine Jothi Tharavant
Play 17 Chapter 17 - The Book of Religion by the Threefold Kinds of Faith Jothi Tharavant
Play 18 Chpter 18 - The Book of Religion by Deliverance and Renunciation Jothi Tharavant