The B. B. Warfield Collection, Volume 2

Benjamin B. Warfield (1851 - 1921)

Warfield wrote many articles for Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias on diverse subjects and managed to condense dense subjects into the limitations of a short article. This collection contains several articles on the resurrection of Jesus and Warfield's reflections on theological education from his experience as professor of theology and later principal of Princeton Seminary. (Summary by InTheDesert)

The B. B. Warfield Collection, Volume 1

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 God Etext InTheDesert
Play 02 Person of Christ Part 1 Etext InTheDesert
Play 03 Person of Christ Part 2 Etext InTheDesert
Play 04 The Christ that Paul Preached Etext InTheDesert
Play 05 Foresight Etext InTheDesert
Play 06 The Resurrection of Christ - A Fundamental Doctrine Etext InTheDesert
Play 07 The Resurrection of Christ an Historical Fact, Evinced by Eye-Witnesses Etext InTheDesert
Play 08 The Polemics of Infant Baptism Etext InTheDesert
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Play 09 Apologetics Etext InTheDesert
Play 10 Inaugural Address Etext InTheDesert
Play 11 Spiritual Culture in the Theological Seminary Part 1 Etext InTheDesert
Play 12 Spiritual Culture in the Theological Seminary Part 2 Etext InTheDesert
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Play 13 The Constitution of the Seminary Curriculum Etext InTheDesert
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