The Amateur Cracksman

E. W. HORNUNG (1866 - 1921)

"I'd tasted blood, and it was all over with me. Why should I work when I could steal? Why settle down to some humdrum uncongenial billet, when excitement, romance, danger and a decent living were all going begging together?"- A. J. Raffles, The Ides of March.
The Amateur Cracksman is the first collection of stories about A. J. Raffles, gentleman, cricketer, and thief. After stopping his old school friend, Bunny Manders, from a desperate attempt at suicide, Raffles introduces the unsuspecting Bunny to a new way of earning a living, burglary. Though frequently horrified by Raffles's actions, the conscience-stricken Bunny stands by him through all their adventures, firm to his promise, "When you want me, I'm your man!" (Summary by Kristin Hughes)

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction

Language: English

Group: Arthur J. Raffles

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Ides of March Kristin Hughes
Play 02 A Costume Piece Kristin Hughes
Play 03 Gentlemen and Players Kristin Hughes
Play 04 Le Premier Pas Kristin Hughes
Play 05 Wilful Murder Kristin Hughes
Play 06 Nine Points of the Law Kristin Hughes
Play 07 The Return Match Kristin Hughes
Play 08 The Gift of the Emperor Kristin Hughes