The Agony Column

Earl Derr Biggers (1884 - 1933)

English romantic adventure starring a young American in London and inspired by the personal ads (agony columns) in the London papers. In this treacherous tale of murder and intrigue young American Geoffrey West tracks a killer from the posh dining room of the Carlton Hotel to the opium dens of London's Limehouse district in search of the truth and the heart of his true love only to find the culprit all too close to home.

Earl Derr Biggers is better known as the author of numerous Charlie Chan novels,

The Agony Column was released as a movie under the name Second Floor Mystery in 1930. While this movie was in production, its two stars, Loretta Young and Grant Withers, eloped. (Summary by peac)

Genre(s): General Fiction, Detective Fiction

Language: English

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