The Age of the Puritans, Volume 3


This volume of Age of the Puritans contains a wide diversity of writers and topics from the later 16th and 17th centuries. Not all would identify with the Puritan movement. - Summary by InTheDesert

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Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 A Short Catechism Robert Leighton Etext InTheDesert
Play 02 A Brief Treatise upon the First Table of the Law Dudley Fenner Etext InTheDesert
Play 03 Man's Creation in a Holy but Mutable State John Howe Etext InTheDesert
Play 04 Safety in the Midst of Danger Nathaniel Hardy Etext InTheDesert
Play 05 Old Mr. Edmund Calamy's Former and Latter Sayings upon Several Occasions Edmund Calamy Etext InTheDesert
Play 06 An Exhortation to the Students upon their Return to the University after the Vacation Robert Leighton Etext InTheDesert
Play 07 The Third Epistle of John Analytically Expounded David Dickson Etext InTheDesert
Play 08 Scripture Rules to be Observed in Buying and Selling Christopher Love Etext InTheDesert
Play 09 A Letter Concerning the Fines received by the Church at its Restoration Peter du Moulin Etext InTheDesert
Play 10 The Saint's Hiding-Place in the Evil Day Richard Sibbes Etext InTheDesert
Play 11 The Prison Sayings of Samuel Rutherford Samuel Rutherford Etext InTheDesert