The Age of Innocence (Dramatic Reading)

Edith Wharton (1862 - 1937)

The Age of Innocence centers on an upper-class couple's impending marriage, and the introduction of a woman plagued by scandal whose presence threatens their happiness. Though the novel questions the assumptions and morals of 1870s' New York society, it never devolves into an outright condemnation of the institution. In fact, Wharton considered this novel an "apology" for her earlier, more brutal and critical novel, The House of Mirth. Not to be overlooked is Wharton's attention to detailing the charms and customs of the upper caste. The novel is lauded for its accurate portrayal of how the 19th-century East Coast American upper class lived, and this, combined with the social tragedy, earned Wharton a Pulitzer Prize — the first Pulitzer awarded to a woman. Edith Wharton was 58 years old at publication; she lived in that world, and saw it change dramatically by the end of World War I. The title is an ironic comment on the polished outward manners of New York society, when compared to its inward machinations. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Cast list:
Newland Archer: Winston Tharp
Lawrence Lefferts: Ernst Pattynama
and: Algy Pug
Christine Nillson : Elizabeth Klett
and: Jenn Broda
Sillerton Jackson: Bill Mosley
Young Man/Thorley/Waiter/Mr. Merry: John Trevithick
Mrs. Manson Mingott: Elizabeth Klett
May Welland: CaprishaPage
Mrs. Welland: Beth Thomas
and: TJ Burns
Ellen Olenska: Amanda Friday
and: Lydia
Mrs. Archer: Arielle Lipshaw
Julius Beaufort: Jason Mills
Janey Archer: Libby Gohn
Henry van der Lyden: Ron Altman
Louisa van der Lyden: Maryanka
Gertrude Lefferts/Maid: Charlotte Duckett
Nastasia : Diana Majlinger
Duke of St. Austrey: Alan Mapstone
Mrs. Struthers: Stefanie Heinrichs
Butler: Oxenhandler
Mr. Letterblair: tovarisch
Ned Winsett: ToddHW
Mr. Welland: Alan Mapstone
Marchioness Medora Manson: Libby Gohn
Dr. Carver: Alan Mapstone
and Bob Neufeld
Reggie Chivers: Drpage
The Rector/Gov. of New York: tovarisch
M. Riviere: ToddHW
Miss Blenker/Young Lady: Naomi Park
Miss Sophy Jackson: Elizabeth Klett
Regina Beaufort: Charlotte Duckett
Mrs. Lovell Mingott: Astrid Fingerhut
Dallas: Chuck Williamson
Narration: CaprishaPage
and: Kathrine Engan
and: ambsweet13
and: Pari
Editing: CaprishaPage
and: ToddHW

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, General Fiction, Historical Fiction

Language: English

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