The Adventures of Bobby Coon

Thornton W. Burgess (1874 - 1965)

"In this engaging story, Bobby Raccoon suffers a series of mishaps. Following a bad dream, he bites his own tail, is given a dreadful fright, learns that Farmer Brown's Boy is a kind friend, survives an encounter with Buster Bear, gets a terrible shaking and more, but, happily, is rescued by Peter Rabbit and eventually finds a new home."
(Jude Somers)

Genre(s): Animals & Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Bobby Coon has a Bad Dream

Bobby Bites his own Tail

Bobby’s Dreadful Fright

Jude Somers
Play 02 Bowser Finds Someone at Home

Bobby Coon Shows Fight

Something is Wrong with Bobby Coon

Jude Somers
Play 03 Bobby has a Strange Journey

Father Brown’s Boy Plays Doctor

Bobby is Made Much of

Jude Somers
Play 04 Bobby Longs for the Green Forest

The Happiest Coon Ever

Jude Somers
Play 05 Bobby Tries the Wrong House

Bobby Makes Another Mistake

Bobby Finds Out his Mistake

Jude Somers
Play 06 Once More Bobby Tries to Sleep

Blacky the Crow Discovers Bobby

The Surprise of Two Cousins

Jude Somers
Play 07 Buster Bear’s Short Temper

Bobby Coon gets a Terrible Shaking

Peter Rabbit Saves Bobby Coon

Jude Somers
Play 08 Bobby Finds a Home at last

Bobby Finds he has a Neighbor

Buster Bear Finds Bobby Coon

Jude Somers