Tales Of The Trail; Short Stories Of Western Life

Henry INMAN (1837 - 1899)

This 1898 collection of thirteen previously published articles exhibits the acute perception of one of the most popular writers of the late 19th-early 20th centuries. “These "Tales of the Trail" are based upon actual facts which came under the personal observation of the author… and will form another interesting series of stories of that era of great adventures, when the country west of the Missouri was unknown except to the trappers, hunters, and army officers.” Henry Inman (1837 – 1899) was an American soldier, frontiersman, and author. He served in the military during the Indian campaigns and the American Civil War, having earned distinction for gallantry on the battlefield. He was commissioned lieutenant general during the Indian wars. He settled in Kansas and worked as a journalist and author of short stories and books of the plains and western frontier. - Summary by Wikipedia, Book Preface, David Wales

Genre(s): Short Stories, Westerns, War & Military

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 General Forsythe At The Arrickaree David Wales
Play 02 El Solitario, The Hermit Priest Of Old Santa Fe David Wales
Play 03 Medicine Bluff David Wales
Play 04 A Race For Life: An Incident Of The Indian War Of 1864 David Wales
Play 05 The Tragedy At Twin Mounds: An Incident Of The Indian War Of 1866-67 David Wales
Play 06 Wal. Henderson David Wales
Play 07 Kit Carson's Pawnee Rock Story David Wales
Play 08 Sheridan's Roost David Wales
Play 09 The Passing Of The Buffalo David Wales
Play 10 Judge Lynch's Court At Whooping Hollow Part 1 David Wales
Play 11 Judge Lynch's Court At Whooping Hollow Part 2 David Wales
Play 12 The Wooing Of Ah-Key-Nes_Tou David Wales
Play 13 Kit Carson's 'First Indian' David Wales
Play 14 Did General Custer Commit Suicide? David Wales