Tales from the Works of G.A.Henty

G. A. Henty (1832 - 1902)

George Alfred Henty was an English newspaper correspondent who became a prolific author of, predominantly, adventure stories for boys. Most were based on true historical events. In this volume, published posthumously, we are presented with thirteen signature stories taken from within his novels. We are taken to India, to Canada, aboard a plague ship and back to Hannibal's army. We confront the Chinese, the Black Death and numerous brushes with death in these gripping tales, which give us a taste of Henty's storytelling mastery. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Mate's Story from 'The Plague Ship' John-Paul Nelson
Play 02 The Explosion in the Vaughan Pit from 'Facing Death' Gillian Hendrie
Play 03 The Red Captain from 'One of the 28th' aniroo
Play 04 A Wife's Stratagem from 'In Freedom's Cause' Scott Kelley
Play 05 Kindness Rewarded from 'Captain Bayley's Heir' ToddHW
Play 06 A Battle with Wolves from 'The Young Cathaginian' Rachel
Play 07 A Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal from 'A Chapter of Adventures' ToddHW
Play 08 The Flood in Pine-Tree Gulch from 'Tales of Daring and Danger' Patrick Saville
Play 09 A Brush with the Chinese from 'Tales of Daring and Danger' ChessKnight
Play 10 The Black Death from 'St. George for England' ChessKnight
Play 11 The White Ship from 'The Reign of Terror' Dale Grothmann
Play 12 The Child's Return from 'With Wolfe in Canada' ToddHW
Play 13 The Black Hole of Calcutta from 'With Clive in India' Lynne T