The Story of the Amulet (version 3 dramatic reading)

E. Nesbit (1858 - 1924)

The Five Children (from Five Children and It) are once again on holidays, but this time with no sand fairy to grant wishes - or is there? In a pet shop they meet with their friend the Psammead again, and a whirlwind adventure follows through time and space! The magical Amulet has been broken in half, and they must find and reunite the lost half with their own. But they are not the only ones seeking the power of the Amulet...

The third book of the "Psammead" Trilogy follows directly on from the event of "Five Children and It" and "The Phoenix and the Carpet". - Summary by Beth Thomas
Narrator: Peter Yearsley
Cyril: TenorBoy
Anthea: Beth Thomas
Robert: Devorah Allen
Jane: Rachel
The Psammead: Rob Board
Jimmy "The Learned Gentleman": Tomas Peter

Other characters read by: April Walters, Evie Maria, Foon, Gillian Hendrie, graceahlin, Jasmin Salma, Jenna Eleni, KHand, Lee Meredith, Linda Olsen Fitak, Michael Jarvis, Monika M.C., Nemo, RajVO, Robert Robinson, Sonia, SonOfTheExiles, Starling Reader, TJ Burns, Tyler Hulegaard, Zoe Trang,

Audio edited by: Devorah Allen

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication and Cast List Group 00:03:14
Play 01 Chapter 1: The Psammead Group 00:32:38
Play 02 Chapter 2: The Half Amulet Group 00:26:42
Play 03 Chapter 3: The Past Group 00:22:22
Play 04 Chapter 4: Eight Thousand Years Ago Group 00:28:11
Play 05 Chapter 5: The Fight in the Village Group 00:25:04
Play 06 Chapter 6: The Way to Babylon Group 00:31:35
Play 07 Chapter 7: The Deepest Dungeon Below the Castle Moat Group 00:37:55
Play 08 Chapter 8: The Queen in London Group 00:41:32
Play 09 Chapter 9: Atlantis Group 00:34:29
Play 10 Chapter 10: The Little Black Girl and Julius Caesar Group 00:31:33
Play 11 Chapter 11: Before Pharaoh Group 00:42:13
Play 12 Chapter 12: The Sorry-Present and the Expelled Little Boy Group 00:39:00
Play 13 Chapter 13: The Shipwreck on the Tin Islands Group 00:33:55
Play 14 Chapter 14: The Heart’s Desire Group 00:41:26