Stories Worth Rereading


A collection of short stories about many people. Some being tested, some being rewarded, all worth rereading! Many of them are the type to build character and inspire the readers to become men and women for God. They include various missionary, home and school stories. Numerous poems are also found sprinkled through this book.( Trotsa)

Genre(s): Religion, Religion

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Preface and 'Their Word of Honor' Grace S. Richmond Etext Teresa Bauman
00:18:12 en
Play 02 Heroism (poem) Unknown Etext andrewjasper
00:01:28 en
Play 03 Muriel's Bright Idea Pansy Etext Kymberli Welch
00:07:05 en
Play 04 Just Do Your Best (poem) Ernest Lloyd Etext SaraHale
Play 05 The Strength of Clinton Benjamin Keach Etext Ross Klatte
Play 06 The Doctor's Cow Emma S. Allen Etext Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
00:18:07 en
Play 07 Brotherly Kindness (poem) John Francis Olmsted Etext andrewjasper
00:01:34 en
Play 08 Honey at the Phone Mrs. A. E. C. Maskell Etext Teresa Bauman
00:03:57 en
Play 09 One of Father's Stories Etext DebK
Play 10 What Rum Does Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:03:49 en
Play 11 My Mother's Ring Alva Sawins Etext Kymberli Welch
Play 12 The Lad's Answer (poem) Arthur V. Fox Etext Larry Wilson
Play 13 The Bridal Wine Cup Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:06:39 en
Play 14 A Mother's Sorrow and short poem Unknown Etext SaraHale
00:06:07 en
Play 15 The Reprimand Unknown Etext realisticspeakers
00:02:55 en
Play 16 The Kingfisher (poem) Charles Sanborn Etext realisticspeakers
Play 17 An Example Benjamin Keach Etext realisticspeakers
Play 18 Fighting the Good Fight S. W. Van Trump Etext Apinoko
Play 19 Our Help is Near (poem) Max Hill Etext Christine Lehman
00:01:00 en
Play 20 Tightening the Saddle Girth Unknown Etext Liz Trollinger
00:02:59 en
Play 21 If You But Knew (poem) Max Hill Etext Larry Wilson
Play 22 Herrings for Nothing C. J. Whitmore Etext DebK
Play 23 Come (poem) May Wakeham Etext Larry Wilson
00:01:21 en
Play 24 The Power of Song Nina Case Etext Christine Lehman
Play 25 Jack's Fidelity E. Hammond Etext DebK
Play 26 Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Theodore L. Cuyler Etext BettyB
Play 27 The Sleigh Ride Henry K. Oliver Etext SK
Play 28 The Tongue Can No Man Tame (poem) Elizabeth Rosser Etext SaraHale
Play 29 Samuel Smiles the Author of 'Self-Help' John Thomas Faris Etext Kymberli Welch
00:06:44 en
Play 30 Life's Battles (poem) Arthur V. Fox Etext Larry Wilson
Play 31 David Livingstone Lora Clement Etext Kymberli Welch
00:20:03 en
Play 32 A True Incident of the San Francisco Earthquake Pansy Etext Christine Lehman
00:13:36 en
Play 33 Little Corners Unknown Etext Bethesda Lily
00:05:15 en
Play 34 In the Home Mrs. M.A. Loper Etext SaraHale
Play 35 Sometime, Somewhere (poem) D. G. Bickers Etext SaraHale
Play 36 Giants and Grasshoppers Pansy Etext SK
00:10:37 en
Play 37 As Good as His Bond Unknown Etext realisticspeakers
00:03:16 en
Play 38 Plain Bernice Cora Webber Etext DebK
Play 39 Say 'Thank You' (poem) B. F. W. Sours Etext BettyB
Play 40 How the Boy Without a Reference Found One Unknown Etext SaraHale
00:03:59 en
Play 41 An Hour a Day for a Year Unknown Etext Kymberli Welch
00:06:26 en
Play 42 "Please Sir, I Would Rather Not" and short poem Unknown Etext SaraHale
00:04:00 en
Play 43 The Right Word Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:03:22 en
Play 44 A Friend (poem) Edmund Jaeger Etext Larry Wilson
Play 45 The Saddest of India's Pictures Vera Chilson Etext BettyB
Play 46 A Plea For Missions (poem) Jessie H. Brown Etext Larry Wilson
Play 47 One Little Widow Unknown Etext DebK
00:06:53 en
Play 48 Why the Mite Boxes Were Full Mary Ellen Bamford Etext SirVive
Play 49 Tito and the Boxers Unknown Etext DebK
00:07:48 en
Play 50 What the Flowers Say to Me (poem) Ida Reese Kurz Etext Larry Wilson
Play 51 How Nyangandi Swam to Church Unknown Etext BettyB
00:01:30 en
Play 52 To Those Who Fail (poem) Unknown Etext SaraHale
00:01:04 en
Play 53 The Little Printer Missionary Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:03:16 en
Play 54 Consecration (poem) Phillips Brooks Etext Christine Lehman
00:00:49 en
Play 55 The Missionary's Defense Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:06:08 en
Play 56 Light at Last Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
Play 57 The Brown Towel Unknown Etext Teresa Bauman
00:05:47 en
Play 58 Only a Boy Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:05:04 en
Play 59 When Someone's Late (poem) Max Hill Etext SaraHale
Play 60 The Little Protector Mrs. P. Binford Etext Liz Trollinger
Play 61 If I Ought to (poem) Max Hill Etext Christine Lehman
Play 62 Moffat and the Africaner Arthur T. Pierson Etext Larry Wilson
00:10:01 en
Play 63 Two Trifles Elisabeth Golden Etext Liz Trollinger
Play 64 Finish Thy Work (poem) Mrs. M.A. Loper Etext Larry Wilson
Play 65 A Second Trial Unknown Etext DebK
00:08:05 en
Play 66 The Sin of Extravagance Etext Devorah Allen
Play 67 A Little Child's Work Etext Devorah Allen
Play 68 Christ is Coming (poem) Dora Brorsen Etext Mary-Elizabeth Arndt
00:01:22 en
Play 69 The Handy Box Mira Jenks Stafford Etext BettyB
Play 70 The Result of Disobedience Mrs. M. J. Lawrence Etext SaraHale
Play 71 Likes and Dislikes (poem) Arthur Guiterman Etext Kalynda
00:01:08 en
Play 72 Livingstone's Body Guard Arthur T. Pierson Etext Larry Wilson
00:11:48 en
Play 73 Spare Moments Unknown Etext Kathleen Moore
00:03:35 en
Play 74 A Gold Medal Unknown Etext Kathleen Moore
00:05:08 en
Play 75 A Girl's Railway Aquaintance Unknown Etext Kathleen Moore
00:04:02 en
Play 76 Harold's Footman Martha Graham Etext Kathrine Engan
Play 77 Elnathan's Gold Gulielma Zollinger Etext Kathrine Engan
Play 78 Only a Jack-knife Unknown Etext realisticspeakers
00:04:06 en
Play 79 A Spelling Bee Unknown Etext SaraHale
00:03:29 en
Play 80 Jack's Queer Ways Unknown Etext Kathrine Engan
00:06:26 en
Play 81 My Missionary Garden (poem) Dora Brorsen Etext Larry Wilson
Play 82 What One Boy Did Adele Eugenia Thompson Etext T.K. Andersen
Play 83 How Nick Learned Manners and short poem Atwood Miller Etext T.K. Andersen
Play 84 Without Ballast Unknown Etext Apinoko
00:03:22 en
Play 85 Reflex Influence (poem) Eliza Morton Etext Larry Wilson
Play 86 Influence of a Good Book Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:04:28 en
Play 87 Straightening out the Furrows and short poem Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:05:46 en
Play 88 A Boy Who Was Wanted Unknown Etext Christine Lehman
00:09:15 en
Play 89 Wanted: An Employer Alice Louise Lee Etext SK
Play 90 How to Stop Swearing Dwight L. Moody Etext Kalynda
Play 91 The Carols of Bethlehem Center Frederick Hall Etext Daniel Hennis
Play 92 Standing Bear's Speech Etext realisticspeakers
Play 93 Some Things We Need (poem) C. C. Roberts Etext SaraHale
Play 94 Mabel Ashton's Dream Elizabeth Rosser Etext BettyB
Play 95 A Sad But True Story Etext SaraHale
Play 96 Sowing to the Flesh (poem) Etext andrewjasper
00:01:44 en
Play 97 The Man That Died For Me Mrs. J.K. Barney Etext Christi Lupher
Play 98 How Wonderful! (poem) Frances Ridley Havergal Etext Larry Wilson
00:01:30 en
Play 99 Our Grass Rug - And Other Things Elisabeth Price Etext Christine Lehman