Stories of the Saints by Candle-Light

Vera Charlesworth Barclay (1893 - 1989)

Once upon a time there were fifteen Cubs who spent nine wonderful days in camp. They were London Cubs, and the camp was on a beautiful little green island whose rocky shore ran down in green, tree-covered points into the bluest sea you ever saw. These nine days were the most splendid days in those Cubs' lives. And so they often think of them, and dream about them, and live them over again in memory.

So that they may more easily go over those days their Old Wolf has written down all about them in this book. Perhaps other Cubs will like to come away, in imagination, to that fair, green island, and so have a share in the nine days.

Now, one of the very "special things" about those days in camp were the candle-light stories which the Cubs listened to every night, seated in a big, happy pile, pyjama-clad, on their palliasses. All day they used to look forward to those stories, and sometimes, in the middle of a shrimping expedition, or a paddling party, one or another would remark, "Story to-night, boys!" and turn his thumbs up to show he was pleased at the thought. And so you will find the candle-light stories, too, in this book; and remember that all the stories in this book are true—both those about the Cubs and those about the Saints. (Summary from the book)

Genre(s): Religion, Religion, Biography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The First Day: The Story of St. Benedict James R. Hedrick
Play 02 The Second Day: The Story of St. Guthlac James K. White
Play 03 The Third Day: The Story of St. Martin James R. Hedrick
Play 04 The Fourth Day: The Story of St. Edmund, King and Martyr James R. Hedrick
Play 05 The Fifth Day (Sunday): The Story of St. Francis (I) 1Kat
Play 06 The Sixth Day: The Story of St. Francis (II) Sandy Williams
Play 07 The Seventh Day: The Story of St. Antony jkatula
Play 08 The Eighth Day: The Story of St. Patrick Jim Pierson-Perry
Play 09 The Ninth Day: The Story of St. George James R. Hedrick
Play 10 Good-Bye James R. Hedrick