St. George William Joseph Stock (1850 - )

This short book is part of the Philosophies Ancient and Modern series, which attempts to make Western philosophy more accessible to the general public.

In this volume, George Stock provides a concise primer on Stoicism, the ancient philosophy that maintained that the universe is governed entirely by fate, and that humans can achieve happiness only by cultivating a calm acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. Among the Stoics of the Greek and Roman world were its founder, Zeno, the former slave Epictetus, and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. George Stock discusses not only the Stoic ethics, but also less well-known aspects of Stoicism, such as its division of the branches of philosophy, its account of logic, and its natural philosophy.
(Summary by Leon Mire)

Genre(s): Ancient

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Foreword / Chapter I - Philosophy Among the Greeks and Romans Leon Mire
Play 02 Chapter II - Division of Philosophy Leon Mire
Play 03 Chapter III - Logic Leon Mire
Play 04 Chapter IV - Ethic Leon Mire
Play 05 Chapter V - Physic Leon Mire
Play 06 Chapter VI - Conclusion Leon Mire