Speeches Against Catilina

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 BCE) and Ernest Alfred Upcott (1858 - 1935)

This volume contains the four speeches delivered by Cicero in 63 BC, when he was a consul, against the conspiracy headed by L. Sergius Catilina. Catilina was scheming to bring about a general uprising in the country if he could not rise to a position of power by election. This volume includes an English introduction and notes on the speeches by E.A. Upcott.
The e-text used to produce this audiobook also includes further helpful study material for Latin scholars, which has been omitted from this audio version. - Summary by Carolin

Genre(s): Antiquity

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Introduction by Ernest Alfred Upcott Phil Schempf
Play 02 Note A Phil Schempf
Play 03 Note B - On the Legality of the Execution Phil Schempf
Play 04 Oration I. - Before the Senate Pamela Nagami
Play 05 Oration II. - Before the People Esther C
Play 06 Oration III. - Before the People Tony Oliva
Play 07 Oration IV. - Before the Senate Ann Boulais