Six Cups of Coffee


It is not much to say that nine-tenths of that decoction which passes under the name of coffee, is unworthy to be so called, and that many persons live and die without ever tasting a really good cup of that delicious beverage.

As a nation, the American people want the best of everything, and intend to have that best. Furthermore, they are very properly and intelligently eager to turn it to the greatest advantage. But what avails the best raw material if it be not prepared in such a manner as to develop and secure its subtle, delicate, volatile and enlivening qualities? The very same ingredients may be injurious and depressing, or wholesome and exhilarating, according to the way in which they are treated.

The six cups of coffee offered to the reader, by six of the foremost authorities regarding cooking, will bring a new and healthful stimulus to prepare that refreshing drink in a manner which shall leave nothing to be desired. They are not made from old grounds re-heated for the occasion, but are as fresh as the intelligence and the experience which have produced them.

A country which expends nearly thirty-five millions of dollars each year for the aromatic berry, can well afford to study the best methods of extracting its desirable qualities.

In those family circles where Good Housekeeping is the rule, not the exception, it is to be hoped that this little book will be welcomed as a useful friend and interesting companion. - Summary by the Preface

Genre(s): Cooking

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Coffee - I. As Prepared By Maria Parloa BettyB
Play 02 Coffee - II. As Prepared by Marion Harland Tom Penn
Play 03 Coffee - III. Two Ways with Coffee, as Described by Mrs. Helen Campbell Kathleen Moore
Play 04 Coffee - IV. As prepared by Juliet Corson BettyB
Play 05 Coffee - V. The Right and Wrong Ways of Making Coffee, as Described by Mrs. D. A. Lincoln Tom Penn
Play 06 Coffee - VI. A Cup of Good Coffee, as Described and Prepared by Catherine Owen Christine Lehman
Play 07 The Story of Coffee. Its History, Properties and Powers, as described by Hester M. Poole Paul Mazumdar
Play 08 A Few Facts about Good Coffee - Advertisement Christine Lehman