Sir Christopher Wren: Scientist, Scholar and Architect

Lawrence Weaver (1876 - 1930)

This 1923 monograph on the life and work of Sir Christopher Wren was written by Lawrence Weaver, an English architectural writer and editor. Though this recording naturally omits the illustrations and photographs of the printed edition, the text is clear, informative, and interesting. Wren comes to life and his work is knowledgeably described by an expert in architecture. This recording omits the three appendices and the section on authorities and acknowledgments. The text refers many times to a book, Parentalia, published by Wren’s son. This is: Parentalia: Or, Memoirs Of The Family Of The Wrens… The biographies of Sir Christopher Wren and two earlier members of the Wren family are followed by four short tracts by Sir Christopher on the aesthetics and origins of architecture, and by notes on the temple of Diana at Ephesus and on the 'temple of peace' (i.e. basilica of Constantine) and temple of Mars Ultor at Rome. - Summary by david wales

Genre(s): Art, Design & Architecture, Biography & Autobiography

Language: English

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Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 Chapter 1: Parentage And Childhood David Wales
Play 02 Chapter 2: Oxford Career And Early Inventions David Wales
Play 03 Chapter 3: Family Life David Wales
Play 04 Chapter 4: Astronomer, Mathematician, And Natural Scientist David Wales
Play 05 Chapter 5: Beginnings Of Architecture And Visit To Paris David Wales
Play 06 Chapter 6: Town-Planning David Wales
Play 07 Chapter 7: St. Paul's Cathedral David Wales
Play 08 Chapter 8: The City Churches David Wales
Play 09 Chapter 9: Chelsea Hampton Court, And Greenwich David Wales
Play 10 Chapter 10: Other Buildings: Public And Domestic David Wales
Play 11 Chapter 11: Wren And His Contemporaries: Last Years David Wales
Play 12 Chapter 12: The Professional Man David Wales
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