Short Story Collection Vol. 014


Librivox’s Short Story Collection 014: a collection of 10 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a variety of Librivox members.

Genre(s): Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Short Story Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated, A Oscar Wilde Etext Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)
00:03:41 en
Play 02 Four Fifteen Express, The Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards Etext Paul Allerton
00:59:13 en
Play 03 History of England, The Jane Austen Etext Kiki Baessell
00:21:14 en
Play 04 Kew Gardens Virginia Woolf Etext Elizabeth Klett
00:17:26 en
Play 05 Mark on the Wall, The Virginia Woolf Etext Elizabeth Klett
00:22:10 en
Play 06 Ningyo no Haka Lafcadio Hearn Etext David Barnes
00:08:54 en
Play 07 Peach blossoms Shangri-la Yuanming Tao 陶淵明 Etext Paul Sze
00:05:02 en
Play 08 Story of the Faithful Cat, The Lord Redesdale Etext Clarica
00:03:23 en
Play 09 Trusty John Andrew Lang Etext Clarica
00:15:57 en
Play 10 Wrong Black Bag, The Angelo Lewis Etext Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
00:30:17 en