Short Story Collection Vol. 034


LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 034: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.

Genre(s): Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Short Story Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Unknown Etext Lucy Lo Faro
00:35:06 en
Play 02 At Manjoala' s Inn (translated by Lucy Byng) Ion Luca Caragiale Etext Antonia V. Manciu
00:28:49 en
Play 03 Bliss Katherine Mansfield Etext Julie VW
00:32:06 en
Play 04 The Cook's Wedding (translated by Constance Garnett) Anton Chekhov Etext Vlad Juylov
00:12:59 en
Play 05 The Devil and Tom Walker Washington Irving Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:34:01 en
Play 06 For Divers Reasons Charles Battell Loomis Etext Michael Thomas Robinson
00:07:55 en
Play 07 The Fox Skin (translated by Mekkin Sveinson Perkins) Gudmundur G. Hagalin Etext woggy298
00:19:55 en
Play 08 The Garden Party Katherine Mansfield Etext iremonger
00:34:07 en
Play 09 Her Lover (translator unknown) Maxim Gorky Etext Vlad Juylov
00:14:01 en
Play 10 The Imp of the Perverse Edgar Allan Poe Etext David Federman
00:18:37 en
Play 11 The Kiss Kate Chopin Etext Kivanc Atmaca
00:08:10 en
Play 12 The Lady or the Tiger Frank R. Stockton Etext David Federman
00:17:01 en
Play 13 The Lady with the Dog (translated by Constance Garnett) Anton Chekhov Etext Wasichu
00:54:03 en
Play 14 The Legion of Honour Guy de Maupassant Etext GerryR
00:15:29 en
Play 15 Magnetism Guy de Maupassant Etext GerryR
00:12:40 en
Play 16 Pigs is pigs Ellis Parker Butler Etext GerryR
00:25:43 en
Play 17 Speech on the Weather Mark Twain Etext James Christopher
00:06:40 en
Play 18 War Jack London Etext Sean O'Hara
00:10:30 en
Play 19 The Watch-tower Lord Dunsany Etext James Christopher
00:04:48 en
Play 20 The Wrong Black Bag Angelo Lewis Etext Jessica Louise
00:26:33 en