Short Science Fiction Collection 007


Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological and technical speculations based on current or future science and technology. This is a reader-selected collection of short stories that entered the US public domain when their copyright was not renewed.

Summary by Cori Samuel, with Wikipedia input.

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Short Science Fiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 2 B R 0 2 B Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Etext Alex Clarke
00:17:59 en
Play 02 ...After a Few Words... Randall Garrett Etext Corey M. Snow
00:17:52 en
Play 03 The Beast of Space F. E Hardart Etext ace101ace
00:29:53 en
Play 04 The Bell Tone Edmund H. Leftwich Etext Alex Clarke
00:11:36 en
Play 05 Cat and Mouse Ralph Williams Etext Betsie Bush
01:02:34 en
Play 06 Cry from a Far Planet Tom Godwin Etext ace101ace
00:34:30 en
Play 07 Droozle Frank Banta Etext Mooseboy Alfonzo
00:17:24 en
Play 08 An Incident on Route 12 James H. Schmitz Etext James Christopher
00:10:05 en
Play 09 The Man Who Hated Mars Randall Garrett Etext davidcas
00:31:34 en
Play 10 The Mightiest Man Patrick Fahy Etext davidcas
00:11:15 en