Short Science Fiction Collection 062


Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the sciences and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind. -A. Gramour

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Science Fiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 2 B R 0 2 B Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Etext David Derida
00:16:37 en
Play 02 Beside Still Waters Robert Sheckley Etext Maria Kasper
00:10:40 en
Play 03 The Doorway Evelyn E. Smith Etext Nefeli Vidali
00:11:09 en
Play 04 Fifty Percent Prophet Randall Garrett Etext Lisa S. Ware
00:49:32 en
Play 05 The Gun Philip K. Dick Etext Thomas Rose
00:32:51 en
Play 06 The Hyborian Age Robert E. Howard Etext Klaatu
00:56:49 en
Play 07 The Invader Alfred Coppel Etext Lisa S. Ware
00:17:05 en
Play 08 The Jovian Jest Lilith Lorraine Etext Miranda Johnson
00:20:27 en
Play 09 Keep Your Shape Robert Sheckley Etext Devorah Allen
00:36:05 en
Play 10 The Last Supper T. D. Hamm Etext David Noceti
00:03:51 en
Play 11 Lease to Doomsday Lee Archer Etext Caleb Tol
00:30:10 en
Play 12 Monkey On His Back Charles V. de Vet Etext John W. Michaels
00:31:47 en
Play 13 No Pets Allowed M. A. Cummings Etext rijel
00:07:20 en
Play 14 The Odyssey of Sam Meecham Charles E. Fritch Etext Lisa S. Ware
00:23:48 en
Play 15 Say "Hello" for Me Frank W. Coggins Etext CoMo290
00:06:10 en
Play 16 Texas Week Albert Hernhuter Etext David Noceti
00:09:41 en
Play 17 There is a Reaper Charles V. de Vet Etext John W. Michaels
00:11:37 en
Play 18 Vanishing Point C. C. Beck Etext Joshua Berlow
00:12:51 en
Play 19 We Didn't Do Anything Wrong Roger Kuykendall Etext Maria Kasper
00:10:21 en
Play 20 Year of the Big Thaw Marion Zimmer Bradley Etext John W. Michaels
00:17:37 en
Play 21 I'm a Stranger Here Myself Mack Reynolds Etext John W. Michaels
00:12:53 en