Short Science Fiction Collection 061


Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the sciences and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind. - Summary by A. Gramour

Note: Section 16, In The Year 2889 was originally published under the name of Jules Verne, but is currently believed to be the work of his son, Michel Verne.

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Short Science Fiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 A City Near Centaurus William Doede Etext VfkaBT
00:36:45 en
Play 02 Man of Distinction Michael Shaara Etext VfkaBT
00:15:34 en
Play 03 The Other Now Murray Leinster Etext VfkaBT
00:31:48 en
Play 04 The Eyes Have It Randall Garrett Etext Mark Nelson
00:22:39 en
Play 05 The Eyes Have It Randall Garrett Etext Mark Nelson
00:24:53 en
Play 06 The Eyes Have It Randall Garrett Etext Mark Nelson
00:28:37 en
Play 07 The Eyes Have It Randall Garrett Etext Mark Nelson
00:26:03 en
Play 08 Beyond Lies the Wub Philip K. Dick Etext Dan McAdam
00:19:28 en
Play 09 I'll Kill You Tomorrow Helen Huber Etext Mark Nelson
00:20:21 en
Play 10 A World is Born Leigh Douglass Brackett Etext Mark Nelson
00:57:22 en
Play 11 The Spy in the Elevator Donald E. Westlake Etext Mark Nelson
00:42:51 en
Play 12 Assassin Jesse Franklin Bone Etext Mark Nelson
01:03:26 en
Play 13 The Big Engine Fritz Leiber Etext VfkaBT
00:11:51 en
Play 14 Doorstep Keith Laumer Etext VfkaBT
00:13:48 en
Play 15 The Untouchable Stephen A. Kallis, Jr. Etext Dale Grothmann
00:12:32 en
Play 16 In the Year 2889 Michel Verne Etext Dan McAdam
00:36:30 en
Play 17 Once a Greech Evelyn E. Smith Etext Mark Nelson
01:04:41 en
Play 18 The Small World of M-75 Ed M. Clinton, Jr. Etext Mark Nelson
00:30:36 en
Play 19 The Blue Tower Evelyn E. Smith Etext Mark Nelson
00:35:07 en
Play 20 Cogito, Ergo Sum John Foster West Etext Dale Grothmann
00:23:26 en