Short Poetry Collection 220


This is a collection of 44 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for September 2021.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 All Saints Edmund Yates Etext Ike Sherr
00:00:54 en
Play 02 Ballade of the Rich Heart F. W. Harvey Etext Larry Wilson
00:01:50 en
Play 03 Barcarolle Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy Etext Larry Wilson
00:02:42 en
Play 04 Beneath Thy Cross Christina Rossetti Etext Paula Messina
00:01:11 en
Play 05 Beth GĂȘlert, or the Grave of the Greyhound William Robert Spencer Etext Amanda Chandler
00:05:06 en
Play 06 The Cattle Thief E. Pauline Johnson Etext czandra
00:05:17 en
Play 07 Constancy Kate Louise Wheeler Etext mleigh
00:01:04 en
Play 08 The Cuckoo Wood Edmund Beale Sargant Etext Joanna Michal Hoyt
00:11:35 en
Play 09 A Dirge Anne Boleyn Etext Newgatenovelist
00:02:52 en
Play 10 Earth's Voices Edward Carpenter Etext czandra
00:19:20 en
Play 11 Epitaph Sir Walter Raleigh Etext Gabriel Kelly
00:00:55 en
Play 12 Evening Song Matthias Claudius Etext Craig Campbell
00:02:16 en
Play 13 The Everlasting Battle George William Russell Etext Amanda Chandler
00:01:24 en
Play 14 Fata Morgana Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Etext Gabriel Kelly
00:01:26 en
Play 15 Halloween Marco Fuller Etext Andrea Atwood
00:00:57 en
Play 16 Herne's Oak William Shakespeare Etext Amanda Chandler
00:01:02 en
Play 17 Incantation (from Manfred) George Gordon, Lord Byron Etext Alan Mapstone
00:04:11 en
Play 18 Indeed indeed, I cannot tell Henry David Thoreau Etext Hanh Li
00:00:42 en
Play 19 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud William Wordsworth Etext Amy Worsham
00:01:23 en
Play 20 The Little Ghost Helen Hay Whitney Etext mleigh
00:00:53 en
Play 21 The Lunatic Lover Traditional English Ballad Etext Timothy Ferguson
00:03:01 en
Play 22 Macbeth (excerpt from soliloquy, Act 5, Scene 5) William Shakespeare Etext Dale Grothmann
00:01:15 en
Play 23 The Morning Comes Before the Sun Susan Coolidge Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:21 en
Play 24 My Life Had Stood Emily Dickinson Etext Veronica Maresh Mead
00:01:11 en
Play 25 Ode on Indolence John Keats Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:04:27 en
Play 26 The Old Familiar Faces Charles Lamb Etext Paula Messina
00:01:51 en
Play 27 O Mistress Mine William Shakespeare Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:59 en
Play 28 On Visiting the Grave of My Stillborn Little Girl Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:39 en
Play 29 A Parable James Russell Lowell Etext Joanna Michal Hoyt
00:02:30 en
Play 30 Pictor Ignotus Robert Browning Etext Craig Campbell
00:05:02 en
Play 31 Remembrance Emily Brontë Etext Veronica Maresh Mead
00:02:00 en
Play 32 Roses Can Wound Lascelles Abercrombie Etext Jana Shepl
00:01:01 en
Play 33 Scenes of the Mind Aldous Huxley Etext Larry Wilson
00:02:42 en
Play 34 September H. L. Mencken Etext mleigh
00:00:42 en
Play 35 Sketches among the Poor Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Etext Newgatenovelist
00:11:45 en
Play 36 Spring Song Victor Daley Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:01 en
Play 37 Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Rida Johnson Young Etext Paula Messina
00:00:54 en
Play 38 The Swordless Christ Percy Adams Hutchison Etext Joanna Michal Hoyt
00:01:50 en
Play 39 Tears, Idle Tears Alfred, Lord Tennyson Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:39 en
Play 40 A Terrible Infant Frederick Locker-Lampson Etext Ike Sherr
00:00:45 en
Play 41 Twilight at Sea Amelia B. Welby Etext Sky
00:00:51 en
Play 42 Two Points of View Lucian B. Watkins Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:52 en
Play 43 Under the Lindens Walter Savage Landor Etext Ike Sherr
00:00:55 en
Play 44 The Walrus and the Carpenter Lewis Carroll Etext Veronica Maresh Mead
00:03:56 en