Short Poetry Collection 202


This is a collection of 51 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for March 2020.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 After the Resurrection Lucy Larcom Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:54 en
Play 02 The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Adam of Saint Victor Etext Craig Campbell
00:02:39 en
Play 03 The Ark Helen Parry Eden Etext Larry Wilson
00:02:33 en
Play 04 Beginning My Studies Walt Whitman Etext ChadH94
00:00:45 en
Play 05 The Brief Visit Walt Mason Etext Dale Grothmann
00:01:16 en
Play 06 Change John Donne Etext ChadH94
00:02:15 en
Play 07 Comfort Elizabeth Barrett Browning Etext PPAAYYNNEE
00:00:54 en
Play 08 The Days to Come Medora Cheatham Addison Nutter Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:13 en
Play 09 Fate Ralph Waldo Emerson Etext tjh21cen
00:01:33 en
Play 10 A Football-Player Edward Cracroft Lefroy Etext Rapunzelina
00:01:06 en
Play 11 A Glimpse of His Face Lucy Larcom Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:22 en
Play 12 The Good Samaritan Henry Lawson Etext Son of the Exiles
00:07:08 en
Play 13 The Hangman at Home Carl Sandburg Etext Daniel N. Hixson
00:01:31 en
Play 14 Harmony in Unlikeness Charles Lamb Etext Craig Campbell
00:01:12 en
Play 15 I had a Little Bird Unknown Etext Michael MacTaggert
00:00:21 en
Play 16 Impromptu Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie Etext Kelly S. Taylor
00:01:29 en
Play 17 In Time of Pestilence 1593 Thomas Nashe Etext Phil Schempf
00:02:09 en
Play 18 Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair Stephen Collins Foster Etext Daniel N. Hixson
00:02:01 en
Play 19 King of the Midday and Duke of Bells Carl Spitteler Etext Craig Campbell
00:01:44 en
Play 20 The Lark and the Nightingale Ernst Schulze Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:53 en
Play 21 A Last Word Ernest Dowson Etext Dale Grothmann
00:01:22 en
Play 22 Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey William Wordsworth Etext Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
00:09:33 en
Play 23 Longing Paul Laurence Dunbar Etext PPAAYYNNEE
00:01:09 en
Play 24 The Lord is Risen Indeed Lucy Larcom Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:03:58 en
Play 25 My Spirit Thomas Traherne Etext Larry Wilson
00:05:18 en
Play 26 Night and Morning Charles Sangster Etext VelmaCariss
00:01:15 en
Play 27 Only Thou Everywhere Ernst Schulze Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:35 en
Play 28 The Past Is the Present Marianne Moore Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:47 en
Play 29 Piccadilly Circus Eleanour Norton Etext Anita Sloma-Martinez
00:01:08 en
Play 30 Recollection Anne Reeve Aldrich Etext spott
00:00:45 en
Play 31 Regret Richard le Gallienne Etext Tomas Peter
00:00:43 en
Play 32 The Rhone Glacier - Sunset Robert Bridges Etext Larry Wilson
00:02:25 en
Play 33 The Road Not Taken Robert Frost Etext Daniel N. Hixson
00:01:28 en
Play 34 The Rose of Rouen Anonymous Etext Phil Schempf
00:05:54 en
Play 35 Sir Spring Robert Eduard Prutz Etext Newgatenovelist
00:03:09 en
Play 36 Song (from Two Songs) Paul Laurence Dunbar Etext PPAAYYNNEE
00:01:05 en
Play 37 The Song of the Sword William Ernest Henley Etext Phil Schempf
00:05:47 en
Play 38 Sonnet John Masefield Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:11 en
Play 39 Spring-Cleaning Harry Graham Etext Dale Grothmann
00:02:09 en
Play 40 A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge Robert Burns Etext ChadH94
00:00:36 en
Play 41 Swimming George Gordon, Lord Byron Etext Rapunzelina
00:01:18 en
Play 42 To Miss C. M. Sedgewick Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie Etext Kelly S. Taylor
00:01:59 en
Play 43 To The God of Pain Sarojini Naidu Etext Michael MacTaggert
00:01:21 en
Play 44 To Mary Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie Etext Kelly S. Taylor
00:02:00 en
Play 45 To the moon, seen from Headingley H. V. Elliott Etext Sonia
00:02:12 en
Play 46 To my album Louisa Blake Etext Sonia
00:01:13 en
Play 47 Train-Mates Witter Bynner Etext Rapunzelina
00:02:35 en
Play 48 The west wind William Cullen Bryant Etext Sonia
00:01:48 en
Play 49 The White Plague Thaddeus A. Browne Etext Michael MacTaggert
00:08:16 en
Play 50 Wind and Window Flower Robert Frost Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:17 en
Play 51 You Would Have Understood Me Ernest Dowson Etext Tomas Peter
00:02:11 en