Short Poetry Collection 189


This is a collection of 41 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for February 2019.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Anselmo James Whitcomb Riley Etext Larry Wilson
00:01:22 en
Play 02 The Berkshire Lady's Garland Unknown Etext Devorah Allen
00:08:26 en
Play 03 Death Leigh Hunt Etext Campbell Schelp
00:01:07 en
Play 04 The Dog Ivan Turgenev Etext Ian King
00:01:50 en
Play 05 Ecstasy Sarojini Naidu Etext Tomas Peter
00:00:52 en
Play 06 Encouragement Friedrich Hebbel Etext Newgatenovelist
00:00:48 en
Play 07 The famous flower of serving-men Anonymous Etext Sonia
00:05:42 en
Play 08 The Flower George Herbert Etext Phil Schempf
00:02:25 en
Play 09 Fridleif and Helga Adam Oehlenschläger Etext Colleen McMahon
00:04:58 en
Play 10 A Golden Day Ella Wheeler Wilcox Etext VoiceoverSam
00:01:33 en
Play 11 Jack Jingle, and Sucky Shingle Anonymous Etext Foon
00:04:30 en
Play 12 The Life and Age of Man Unknown Etext Phil Schempf
00:03:19 en
Play 13 The Life-Saver Joseph Crosby Lincoln Etext Larry Wilson
00:02:15 en
Play 14 Life’s Tragedy Paul Laurence Dunbar Etext Hugh Michael
00:01:04 en
Play 15 A Litany of Atlanta W. E. B. Du Bois Etext Josh Kibbey
00:05:41 en
Play 16 London, 1802 William Wordsworth Etext Sonia
00:01:17 en
Play 17 The Man Who Dreamed of Fairyland William Butler Yeats Etext Rapunzelina
00:03:27 en
Play 18 Morning and Evening Friedrich Hebbel Etext Newgatenovelist
00:02:03 en
Play 19 My pony Anonymous Etext Sonia
00:02:04 en
Play 20 Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood William Wordsworth Etext Larry Wilson
00:09:10 en
Play 21 Of A' the Airts Robert Burns Etext David J. Glover
00:00:50 en
Play 22 On a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes Thomas Gray Etext Ariphron
00:02:22 en
Play 23 On an Islandic Giesar (excerpt from from The Botanic Garden) Erasmus Darwin Etext Craig Campbell
00:02:13 en
Play 24 On the Sight of a Skull Mary Mollineux Etext Josh Kibbey
00:01:04 en
Play 25 On the Threshold Amy Levy Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:01 en
Play 26 Preexistence Frances Cornford Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:49 en
Play 27 A Red, Red Rose Robert Burns Etext David J. Glover
00:00:54 en
Play 28 Seattle W. P. Heneage Etext Josh Kibbey
00:01:27 en
Play 29 Shadow March Robert Louis Stevenson Etext Colleen McMahon
00:00:51 en
Play 30 The Shining of the Sea Friedrich Hebbel Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:04 en
Play 31 The Solitude of Alexander Selkirk William Cowper Etext Phil Schempf
00:02:27 en
Play 32 Spirit Song Over The Waters Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Etext Craig Campbell
00:01:35 en
Play 33 Stanzas Written in Dejection Near Naples Percy Bysshe Shelley Etext Ariphron
00:02:53 en
Play 34 The Surf Jurgis Baltrušaitis Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:48 en
Play 35 The Tables Turned William Wordsworth Etext VoiceoverSam
00:01:25 en
Play 36 Thursday Edna St. Vincent Millay Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:40 en
Play 37 To a Gentleman Samuel Taylor Coleridge Etext Craig Campbell
00:08:01 en
Play 38 Transformations Thomas Hardy Etext Ian King
00:01:08 en
Play 39 Will It Be Like This? Miriam Allen DeFord Etext Colleen McMahon
00:00:45 en
Play 40 The Year of the Rose Algernon Charles Swinburne Etext Ariphron
00:04:36 en
Play 41 You cannot put a Fire out Emily Dickinson Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:41 en