Short Poetry Collection 168


This is a collection of 40 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for May 2017.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 A Conservative Charlotte Perkins Gilman Etext Nemo
00:02:21 en
Play 02 Ad Infinitum William Carlos Williams Etext VfkaBT
00:00:47 en
Play 03 Carmen de Boheme Hart Crane Etext Eva Davis
00:02:11 en
Play 04 Christine Richard Middleton Etext Eva Davis
00:01:09 en
Play 05 A Christmas Carol for 1862 George MacDonald Etext chrisbab
00:02:22 en
Play 06 Come not, when I am dead Alfred, Lord Tennyson Etext Ian King
00:01:05 en
Play 07 The Flooded Hut of the Mississippi Samuel Lover Etext Melanie T
00:02:03 en
Play 08 Grass Carl Sandburg Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:51 en
Play 09 Hawarden George Meredith Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:14 en
Play 10 I Remember, I Remember Thomas Hood Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:09 en
Play 11 The Japanese Anemone Louise Imogen Guiney Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:42 en
Play 12 The Kraken Alfred, Lord Tennyson Etext Ryan Finch
00:01:32 en
Play 13 Ode 11 Amir Khusrow Etext Hatton43
00:02:01 en
Play 14 Ode 22 Amir Khusrow Etext Hatton43
00:01:26 en
Play 15 Ode 5 Amir Khusrow Etext Hatton43
00:01:42 en
Play 16 Legend Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Etext Craig Campbell
00:01:13 en
Play 17 Mad Maudlin Anonymous Etext Ryan Finch
00:05:31 en
Play 18 The Major General W. S. Gilbert Etext Scotty Smith
00:02:09 en
Play 19 Mentana: Third Anniversary Algernon Charles Swinburne Etext Sonia
00:02:17 en
Play 20 Mood Maxwell Bodenheim Etext VfkaBT
00:01:13 en
Play 21 My Boy Jack Rudyard Kipling Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:13 en
Play 22 No Coward Soul is Mine Emily Brontë Etext Newgatenovelist
00:02:13 en
Play 23 Ode in May William Watson Etext Tomas Peter
00:03:04 en
Play 24 The Rebel Anonymous Etext Sonia
00:02:50 en
Play 25 Returning, We Hear the Larks Isaac Rosenberg Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:15 en
Play 26 A Satirical Elegy Jonathan Swift Etext RecordingPerson
00:01:38 en
Play 27 Self-Deceit Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Etext Craig Campbell
00:00:52 en
Play 28 She dwelt among the untrodden ways William Wordsworth Etext Ian King
00:00:55 en
Play 29 The Sheik Dorothy Parker Etext VfkaBT
00:01:05 en
Play 30 Snow Birds Louis-Honoré Fréchette Etext Sonia
00:01:17 en
Play 31 Song Thomas Carew Etext Eva Davis
00:01:15 en
Play 32 The Spirit of Sound Ner Gardiner Etext Phil Benson
00:01:20 en
Play 33 Strange fits of passion have I known William Wordsworth Etext Ian King
00:01:37 en
Play 34 A Tom O' Bedlam Song Anonymous Etext Ryan Finch
00:05:02 en
Play 35 The Trade Wind's Song Thomas Fleming Day Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:02:51 en
Play 36 The Twelve Months George Ellis Etext RecordingPerson
00:00:30 en
Play 37 On The Wedding Of the Aeronaut Ambrose Bierce Etext RecordingPerson
00:00:38 en
Play 38 The White Rose o' June Carolina Nairne Etext Tomas Peter
00:02:10 en
Play 39 Why I am a Liberal Robert Browning Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:11 en
Play 40 The Yacht Thomas Fleming Day Etext Bruce Kachuk
00:01:24 en