Short Poetry Collection 092


This is a collection of poems recorded by LibriVox volunteers for the month of November 2010.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 And So Did I Isaac Joslyn Cox Etext Gabriel Glenn
00:00:55 en
Play 02 Ariadne Waking Leigh Hunt Etext Amy Gramour
00:00:57 en
Play 03 Arms and the Boy Wilfred Owen Etext Winston Tharp
00:00:59 en
Play 04 The Barrier Claude McKay Etext Gabriel Glenn
00:00:42 en
Play 05 The City in the Sea Edgar Allan Poe Etext Sierra Abrams
00:02:26 en
Play 06 Da Leetla Boy Thomas Augustine Daly Etext Leonard Wilson
00:02:37 en
Play 07 In Praise of Tobacco Samuel Rowlands Etext Martin Geeson
00:01:18 en
Play 08 Invictus William Ernest Henley Etext Julie VW
00:01:25 en
Play 09 Lament for Thomas MacDonagh Francis Ledwidge Etext iremonger
00:01:03 en
Play 10 Little Orphant Annie James Whitcomb Riley Etext Chris Jones
00:03:09 en
Play 11 The Logicians Refuted Jonathan Swift Etext Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
00:03:44 en
Play 12 A Midsummer Noon in the Australian Forest Charles Harpur Etext Algy Pug
00:02:07 en
Play 13 Nightmare: A Tale for an Autumn Evening Amy Lowell Etext Leonard Wilson
00:08:00 en
Play 14 Ozymandias Percy Bysshe Shelley Etext Christopher Maust
00:01:06 en
Play 15 A Pair of Lovers in the Street Arthur Adams Etext Algy Pug
00:02:56 en
Play 16 The Panther Leigh Hunt Etext Amy Gramour
00:02:52 en
Play 17 Parable of the Old Men and the Young Wilfred Owen Etext Winston Tharp
00:01:12 en
Play 18 Pied Beauty Gerard Manley Hopkins Etext iremonger
00:01:24 en
Play 19 Sonnet 130 William Shakespeare Etext Micah Pettit
00:00:58 en
Play 20 Sonnet 20 William Shakespeare Etext Martin Geeson
00:01:39 en
Play 21 The Wild Honeysuckle Philip Freneau Etext Alyndale
00:01:36 en
Play 22 You are old, father William Lewis Carroll Etext Micah Pettit
00:02:15 en